Popular City Clerk Irene Masse endorses Grandy

Retiring City Clerk Irene Masse today announced her endorsement of Republican Denise Grandy to succeed her. Masse, a fellow Republican, has served as City Clerk for 25 years. She is widely popular and had received bi-partisan endorsements for many of her campaigns as City Clerk.

“The Office of City Clerk is a demanding and complicated job. It is terribly important that my successor have the qualifications needed to run the office after my departure. There is only one candidate with the required experience, Denise Grandy. For the last 8 years Denise has worked with me and performed many of the duties demanded by the Office. I have watched Denise learn all the facets of the job and I am confident that with Denise as my successor the Office of City Clerk will not miss a beat. I enthusiastically endorse Denise to succeed me as City Clerk and I strongly encourage voters to vote for Denise Grandy on November 3.”