Connecticut is broken!

Connecticut’s Taxes are among the highest in the country. Businesses are leaving the State in record numbers. The State has more debt than ever before. More families are leaving than coming to CT.


Malloy and his fellow Democrats just can’t stop spending. This November we need to elect Republicans who will turn this State around.

We have a serious spending problem NOT a revenue problem. I believe Governor Malloy and the Democrats have destroyed this State financially.

As a parting gift, Gov. Malloy wants $10 million dollars to STUDY tolls in Ct. Listen closely to this year’s campaign messages from the Democrats. It’s the same old message and but always promising different results. As always, once the election is over, these promises are forgotten. The taxpayers get little relief from taxes and out-of-control spending. It’s those broken promises that have gotten us to where we are today.

The Democrats had their chance to fix our problems but only made them worse under Governor Malloy. Connecticut is broken under the leadership of the Democrats in Connecticut.

It’s time to vote Republican! On Nov. 6th , vote to re-elect Senator Len Suzio, Manny Santos for Congress, Lou Arata and Ernestine Holloway for State Representatives and ALL the Republicans running for State Office.

Your voting Republican on Nov. 6th will be the first step in fixing our broken State.

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Guy Beeman


Meriden Republican Town Committe

Want to Vote? The best information can be found right on the website for the Secretary of State. In addition, if you would like to register online we encourage you to exercise your civic right and duty.